Venator Ballare  (Ballate, (o) venatores!) which is translated as Dance, o hunters!, is the main theme for the Official Invitation team including Sylvie, Kukri and Mian in The King of Fighters XIV, though it is never used by the team itself instead playing at the Masquerade stage with anyone fighting in it. It is composed by Rio “88” Hashikawa, with lyrics and vocals sung by Yukiko Nakazawa (中澤 由紀子).

Venator Ballare


I miei bravi soldati e grandi ospiti

Divertitemi con le vostre danze indiavolate!

Potere, furore e fierezza

Combattete per la forza e la vittoria!

Siate incoronati di gloria!

Vittoria! Gloria!

Abbracciate I’ambizione sotto la maschera

Seguite il vostro destino!

English translation

My good soldiers and great guests

Entertain me with your wild dances!

Power, furor, pride

Fight for power and victory!

Be crowned with glory!

Victory! Glory!

Embrace the ambition under the mask

Follow your destiny!

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