The King of Fighters XIV final concept by Ogura
Full nameVerse
Blood typeUnknown
Favorite foodUnknown
Forte in sportsNone
Fighting styleOriginal style

Verse (バース, Bāsu) is the main antagonist and final boss in The King of Fighters XIV

He is voiced by Yusaku.


Verse is an entity that emerged when Ash Crimson erased himself and Saiki from spacetime. It is one of many beings created from eternal negative energy; it and its kind thrives from the darkness of people's wishes. Within its being, it traps numerous fighters' souls from many ages. If the countless Verses were to combine into one, the world will fall into turmoil.

This Verse's manifestation has already caused time anomalies. A fragment of Verse is inside Shun'ei. Its presence compelled Nakoruru to traverse through spacetime to defeat it.

When this Verse is defeated, the souls inside it are released and a worldwide search for revived fighters commences. The Another World team's ending suggests its future revival. Verse's ending shows its remains landing at Australia's Ayers Rock.

According to Geese Howard, Verse's appearance was foretold in "The Secret Scrolls"(Most likely the Jin Scrolls).


Verse is an embodiment of negative energy and rage like a fire. It can speak human language albeit sparingly and expresses its desire to destroy everything. Due to the numerous souls contained within, Verse is unable to fully prevent their personalities from completely seeping through its control and they can temporarily manifest as a result.


Verse's power is connected to one of Shun'ei's powers, as both powers have a symbiotic form of each other.

  • Transdimensional manipulation - Verse is able to change the fabric of reality.
  • Soul Container - Verse contains the souls the dead and those who are trapped in the time warp.
  • Pyrokinesis - Verse can control fire. Unlike other characters who can use pyrokinesis, Verse can control other fires it didn't create and is immune to other types of fire, due to it being an entity of fire itself.
  • Levitation - Verse can fly.

Fighting StyleEdit

Just like Shun'ei, it is able to conjure a barrage of fists.


  • Independence from an Aggregate - The King of Fighters XIV

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