Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
Voltage Gowcaizer

Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer's cover.

Cover art by Masami Ōbari
Developer(s) Technos
Publisher(s) SNK (Neo Geo MVS, Neo Geo CD)
Urban Plant (PS)
Series Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
Platform(s) Arcade, Neo Geo, Neo-Geo CD, PlayStation
Release date Arcade
JP September 18, 1995
Neo Geo
INT October 20, 1995
Neo-Geo CD
INT November 24, 1995
JP July 17, 1997
Genre(s) 2D Versus fighting
Mode(s) Up to 2 players simultaneously
Cabinet Upright
Arcade system Neo Geo (186 Mbit cartridge)
Display Raster, 320 x 224 pixels (Horizontal), 4096 colors

Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer (超人学園ゴウカイザー, Chōjin Gakuen Gōkaizā, "Superhuman Academy Gowcaizer") is a 1995 superhero-themed fighting game produced by Technos Japan Corp. for the Neo Geo arcade and home console, and the company's second attempt at a fighting game following the Neo Geo fighting game version of Double Dragon. It featured character designs by artist Masami Obari, who previously worked on the anime adaptations of the Fatal Fury series. Ports of the game were released for the Neo Geo CD and the PlayStation. One of the game's features was, when a player defeated his or her opponent, the winner would gain a certain special move taken from the loser as well. The use of other characters' special moves was very similar to that of BloodStorm.


The year is 2017. In 1999, a monster earthquake devastated the entire Kanto region of Japan, thereby forcing Tokyo to move its government to a man-made island of about 115 square miles floating in Tokyo Bay.

A central computer controls public safety, traffic, and all other governmental functions on the island. In the middle of the island, there is a huge school called the National Belnar Institute with over 105,400 students. This institute has yielded a number of excellent graduates worldwide.

For some reason, unspeakable acts of evil have become increasingly common on this artificial island, in spite of the fact that it is supposed to be under the complete control of the central computer. Strangely enough, the incidents all began after a new principal was assigned to the National Belnar Institute. Some people suspect that this was somehow related to the immeasurable evil that was spreading throughout the island.

Now, a man by the name of Isato Kaiza has brought a stone that crystallizes fighting energy called the Kaizer Stone to the National Institute, to stand against the overwhelming evil as the Burning Hero Gowcaizer...



Related mediaEdit

A three-episode OVA series based on the game was directed by the game's character designer Masami Obari. An English adaptation was produced by U.S. Manga Corps. Four drama CDs, an image song collection, and a manga were also released.

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