Walter in Samurai Shodown Sen
Full nameWalter
BirthdateJanuary 23, 1760; 31 years old
BirthplaceMondschein Drache Empire (モーントシャイン・ドラッヘ帝国, Mohntoshain Dorahhe Teikoku)
Height204cm (6'8")
Weight108kg (238 lbs)
Blood typeA
Family/RelativesFather, mother, an older brother and a younger sister
LikesHis friends, his job as a knight
DislikesNeglecting his duty for a day
HobbiesHaving a sword in his hand
Special skillHe can go without sleep for three days and still function
Most unpleasantStrict morals... or so he says
Weapona bastard sword and a shield
Fighting styleCrimson Lion Knights swordplay

Walter (ヴァルター, Warutā) is a character introduced in Samurai Shodown Sen.


Walter is a knight of the Mondschein Drache Empire and member of the Crimson Lion Knights like Neinhalt Sieger. After hearing that his home maybe soon invaded by a new threat, he leaves his home to investigate.


A man of honor who truly loves his kingdom. He seems to have trouble relating with women.

Fighting StyleEdit

Walter is a power character who fights with a sword and a one-handed shield. His shield is often used as an opening attack for his sword slashes. He can stab an airborne opponent multiple times and use jumping sword uppercuts. His kicks are usually limited to powerful stomps or knee attacks.

Game AppearancesEdit