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Wang Koh-San

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In Battle Edit

Art of Fighting 3 Edit

Story Mode Edit

Final Day: Wyler

Wyler: "No animals here, tubbo!"
Wang: "You're Wyler. Give me the elixir I have heard so much about."
Wyler: "How do you know of it?"
Wang: "A woman at your mansion told me."
Wyler: "Tch, that Sinc! Sorry, but there is nothing to give you. You're in way over your head."
(Wyler drinks an elixir and turns into a superhuman form)
Wang: "Wow, it's been perfected?"
Wyler: "I'll show you the potency of the drug!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Hey, be my model, okay?"
  • "You're strong. Whew!"
  • "Not really a day's workout!"
  • "Go home, little one."

Ending Edit

Wang: "You went out of control. Huh? I will take the elixir."
Wyler: "Oh, my head's bursting! Help!"
Wang: "Hmm? There seems to be something wrong."
Freia: "It's the side effect of the drug. It's still unstable."
Wang: "What? That is a problem..."
Freia: "Leave the drug. I'll destroy it."
Wang: "Whadda ya say, Hoeh-Hoeh?"
Hoeh-Hoeh: "Gwaa, gwaa!"
Wang: "OK. Any trouble. Call Dr. Lee."
Wang: "I guess I've been able to create a masterpiece from this trip. Well, Hoeh-Hoeh. Choose the picture that you like the best from these."
(Hoeh-Hoeh picks a picture from his beak and gives it to Wang)
Wang: "Eh, is that so... This is the one you like? Then, I shall choose this for the contest."
(Depending on which picture did Hoeh-Hoeh choose, a humorous picture is shown, while Wang does one of his victory poses)

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