Windjammers (Neo Geo) Cover
Neo Geo cover
Developer(s)SNK, Data East, DotEmu (PS4, PS Vita)
Publisher(s)SNK, Data East
Release dateArcade
JP February 17, 1994
NA 1994
Neo Geo
JP July 8, 1994
NA 1994
Neo Geo CD
JP January 20, 1995
NA 1995
PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita
Game modesSingle-player, Multiplayer
Platform(s)Arcade, Neo Geo, Neo Geo CD, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita

Windjammers (known in Japan as Flying Power Disc) is a stylized Flying disc game released in 1994 by Data East for SNK's Neo Geo.


Windjammers is an elaborated flying disc game with elements of volleyball, handball and the video game Pong. Two characters play against each other in a small closed arena delimited by a goal at each side. A net divides the field in two. Each goal is divide in three areas, each one with a number assigned to it, indicating how many points the player who scored in that area will earn (variating between 3 or 5 points). The game is divided in three sets, whoever wins two sets is declared the winner of the match. If a set ends in a draw, each player will be awarded a set. If by the end of the third set, the players are tied in set points, they will proceed to sudden death, with the first player to score a point being declared the winner.

Players must throw the disc into the opponent's goal and score points to win a set. There are several ways of throwing a disc, determined by the direction the player is pulling down the lever. The disc can ricochet against the lateral walls of the arena; players can use them to confuse the opponent. Another way to score a point is the opponent failing to catch the disc, making it fall on the ground. Two points can be awarded that way. If the player is holding the disc, the A button throws the disc towards the opponent's goal, while the B button throws the disc up in the air. If he's not holding the disc, the A button will make the character dash towards the desired direction. Each character has a special move that makes it more difficult for the opponent to catch the disc.

There are six different courts, each with its own characteristics: Beach, Lawn, Tiled, Concrete, Clay and Stadium.


There are six characters in Windjammers, each representing their native country. The levels of speed and strength varies between each of them, which affects the gameplay. All of the characters speak in their native languages.

  • H. Mita, represents Japan.
  • B. Yoo, represents South Korea.
  • J. Costa, represents Spain.
  • L. Biaggi, represents Italy.
  • G. Scott, represents USA.
  • K. Wessel, represents Germany.

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