Woo's profile in the game.
Full nameWoo
BirthplaceBelieved to be China
Height43 meters
Weight22,000 tons
WeaponWhatever buildings, ships, and other large objects he picks up

Woo (ウー) is a fictional character from SNK Playmore's fighting/wrestling game series King of the Monsters. He is most likely a homage to one of the most famous giant gorillas, King Kong.


Woo comes from a forgotten three thousand year old race in the forests of China. He rampages due to the deforestation of his habitat. Though angered by his loss, he eventually risks his life to save people from the other monsters' destruction.


A peaceful beast who just wants to defend his home. He resorts to violence only to protect himself and others.


  • Electricity- Woo can fire electric balls of energy from his hands.

Fighting StyleEdit

Woo is a good balance of speed and power who doesn't exceed in either categories.

Game AppearancesEdit

Similar CharactersEdit


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