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World Heroes 2 Jet
European arcade flyer
Publisher(s)ADK, SNK, Takara
Release dateArcade
April 26, 1994
Neo Geo
JP June 10, 1994
NA 1994
Game Boy
JP February 24, 1995
NA August 1995
GenreFighting game
Game modesUp to 2 players simultaneously
Platform(s)Arcade, Neo Geo, Neo-Geo CD, Game Boy, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii

World Heroes 2 Jet is a game in the World Heroes series and an update to World Heroes 2. A Gameboy adaption was also made by Takara which adds new moves for the characters.


The tournament to decide the strongest warrior in history is about to unfold in for five days... However, a behind the tournament's scenes lies a dark shadow. The heroes involved in the tournament remain unaware of its involvement. Just who is the one responsible for these tournaments? And who is the true identity of the person lurking in the shadows? The Heroes Battle continues!! Will you be the last one standing!?



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