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Here is a list of quotes for Xanadu.

The King of Fighters XIVEdit

In BattleEdit

  • "Anomaly!"
  • "Ahahahahahaha!"
  • "Koroshite yaru!" - "I'll kill you!" (Climax)
  • "Kore ga...haiboku?" - "Is this...defeat?"

Pre-Battle DialoguesEdit


Gang-il: "Oh, it's you. You're the one that deceived Kim's students. Such an evil man."
Xanadu: "Fluctuation affects all things. And it's that fluctuation that creates everything."
Gang-il: "Wha... I have absolutely no idea what you're saying."
Xanadu: "You are also a nexus of fluctuation."
Gang-il: "Bothersome guys like you can only be dealt with through Tae Kwon Do!"


Xanadu: "I am interested in your path to resurrection."
Mature: "Hmm...?"
Xanadu: "One cannot cross the membrane without utilizing higher-dimensional changes."
Mature: "You make everything so deep, don't you? I'll find out if there's any truth to what you way by the way your body reacts as I beat you."

Robert Garcia

Robert: "You're a brand new type of oldster to me."
Xanadu: "Is the spirit you control mediating waves of energy through the air? Or is it perhaps just electromagnetic forces?"
Robert: "Ah. No doubt about it, you're one of those annoying types."
Xanadu: "Mightiest Tiger, your rage is a relative concept; know that it is meaningless."
Robert: "No way, I could care less what you say. Let's go ahead and start before you get me confused."

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Behave… Behave…!"
  • "Even if we go back in time, there is no land there."
  • "Can you hear it? That apocalyptic timbre…"
  • "Growth creates repulsion, accelerate the growth!"
  • "We are born in flux, and birth creates destruction. But… there are exceptions."
  • "Send your heart on a journey through time and space."
  • "Expand the limits of your understanding."
  • "Don’t be afraid. These fluctuations will subside."
  • "Let us pray for peace."
  • "Let us all be happy together."
  • "I will await your recovery, and visit even more destruction upon you."
  • "Peace is a concept. By definition, impossible in life."
  • "The equilibrium of space is always unstable…"
  • "Come back any time. I’ll remodel you again."
  • "Instinct is simply wild. Will comes from even deeper origins."
  • "This disturbance will create a new fluctuation!"
  • "A repetition of dividing and combining."
  • "Be aware that your will and your instincts are all conditioned responses."
  • "You must elevate your thinking…"
  • "An aggregate of refuse and detritus, that is what you are."
  • "All that you see and hear is the past. No, the past is a concept."
  • "Humanity should be destroyed."
  • "I’m taken with you."
  • "Drown in the sea of imaginary numbers."
  • "Let's go to a trendy cafe..."
  • "Time solves inexperience… And space solves time." (vs Alice)
  • "Let me tell you with sound waves, that your speed is effectively equal to zero..." (vs Andy)
  • "Psychic power follows the laws of nature." (vs Athena)
  • "The ethanol is oxidizing, metabolize it." (vs Chin)
  • "Strength is also a relative concept." (vs Gang-il)
  • "Evil is relativity, it is very natural." (vs Geese)
  • "Those flickering purple flames of yours have a high wavelength." (vs Iori)
  • "The flow of time is always changing. Wishing for ancient times is also entropy." (vs King of Dinosaurs)
  • "Innocence is ignorance." (vs Kula)
  • "What does your flame create?" (vs Kyo)
  • "What you want cannot be. You should return to the vacuum." (vs Mature)
  • "A wall that cannot be scaled with transhumanism." (vs Maxima)
  • "Is there a meaning to blocking visible light?" (vs Mian)
  • "Teach me your process!" (vs Nakoruru)
  • "Illusions are not created by the feet. It’s the brain." (vs Robert)
  • "Destroy symmetry… If you do that, you can avoid annihilation." (vs Shun'ei)
  • "Look upon our hair… It lies in chaos from your static electricity!" (vs Sylvie)
  • "Don’t you want to get back the time spent on that understanding?" (vs Tung Fu Rue)
  • "An accumulation of the information leaked from the cracks! Time, integrated vertically!" (vs Verse)

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