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Yan Yanyang
Yan Yanyang and Pig Bird in Twinkle Star Sprites.
Full nameYan Yanyang
BirthdateJune 15; 7 years old
BirthplaceFairy forest
Blood typeB
Family/RelativesPig Bird (pet)
Job/OccupationBeast master
HobbiesDoing mischievous things (i.e: pulling pranks, telling lies, etc.)
WeaponPig Bird

Yan Yanyang (ヤン・ヤンヤン) is a character in the Twinkle Star Sprites games.


Yan Yanyang is a wild child who can communicate with nature. She doesn't have a wish for the Twinkle Star; she only partook in the race for it to prove her strength. In the sequel, she continues to look for the artifact to wish for a taller and stronger body. She wants to use this new form to ride a larger pigbird.


An immature and prideful girl who wants to be great. She gets upset when people can't pronounce her name correctly.


  • Speak to animals - Yan Yanyang can communicate with animals. She uses this power to help Pig Bird fight with her.


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