Yoake no Legend (夜明けのレジェンド) is the image song for Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture. It was sung by Terry's Japanese voice actor in every animated feature, Kazukiyo Nishikiori. The lyrics were written by Airin and the music was composed by Chiho Kyooka. It was arranged by Nittoku Inoe.

For the English dub of the movie, Viz Video released an English version of the song titled "Oh, Angel".

Yoake no Legend
Japanese lyrics

*Wow wow wow Angel

Kagayaki dasu yoake

Wow wow wow Angel

Yume no honou o moyashite...*

Kanashimi no yoru koete yuku tabigoto

Unmei o yobu jibun kanjite iru

Tsuyoku naru no wa yasashii sa

Mabusuku koto janai

Sumetai kabe ni morenagara

Kumo no nagare miteteta...

**Tachiagare yo

Tsume wo togi sumashite

Hashire dase yo

Dare mo inai koga ee...**

Yoake no sora ni ukabu hoshi mezaseba

Kaze no nake ee date kami nabieteku

Hikari no ayasade ikiteyuku

Ima dake kanjite

Tsume saki o mireba itsu mainika

Aoi kage mirai he tsuzuku

repeat **

Hito wa ai ni

meguri aeru darou

Donna toki mo

Yume no honou o moyashite

repeat *

English translation

*Wow wow wow Angel

The shining dawn

Wow wow wow Angel

burns the fire of dreams...*

Whenever I extend past the sorrowful night

I feel like fate is calling me

The kindness that grants strength

won't lose to anything

While I'm leaning against this cold wall

I look up to the flowing clouds...

**Stand up

and sharpen your claws

Run now

to the empty wilderness...**

If I aim for the floating star in the dawn's sky

my hair stands in the wind around me

It's only now

that if feels like you're living at the speed of light

Looking at my claw there is suddenly

a blue shadow stretching to the future

repeat **

People in love

may come around and see one another

At any time

burn the fire of dreams

repeat *

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