Samurai Shodown VI artwork by Takkun
Full nameYoshitora Tokugawa
BirthdateJanuary 1, 1768
BirthplaceFlag of the Tokugawa Shogunate Edo, Japan
Height176 cm (5' 9")
Weight64 kg (141 lbs)
Blood typeB
Family/Relativesunnamed father (deceased)
Job/OccupationNext in line to Shogun (leading power of Japan at the time)
LikesAny kind of amusing diversion
Special skill"I'm a genius"
Most unpleasant"I have to become the next Shogun."
WeaponNadeshiko, Shirayuri, Botan, Tsubaki, Asagao, Yūgao, Yoshitora, his seven katana
Fighting stylePersonal style (based on kenjutsu learned from Yagyu Jubei
Yoshitora Tokugawa (徳川 慶寅, Tokugawa Yoshitora) is the main protagonist of Samurai Shodown V.

As the new protagonist, the creators wanted him to be different than Haohmaru. Instead of a "samurai who travels as freely as the wind" they wanted him to be an "elite military genius" with a sword. Art director, Dorio Takaya, came up with Yoshitora's array of katana when he saw a similar image on a DVD cover to a sengoku (samurai era) based film. Based on the year the game occurs (1786), his character origin is loosely based on historical figure, Tokugawa Ienari, the eleventh Tokugawa shogun who ruled a decadent era akin to the Roaring Twenties. He was designed by Nobuhiro Watsuki.

He is voiced by Hiro Yūki and Naoki Yanagi.


He is the sole heir to the reigning shogun and former student of Gaoh and Jubei. More interested in women and partying than politics, he runs away from his home, refusing to be the next ruler. Gaoh, believing Japan would only prosper if Yoshitora were to rule, starts a rebellion in hopes of luring his student back. In his ending, he questions his former master's motives. Gaoh explains that the shogun ruling before Yoshitora is uncaring to the people and continuing under his rule would only bring famine and desecration to the people. He pleas with his pupil to become shogun. Realizing the responsibility of his role for the first time, Yoshitora finally agrees to his former master's request.

As shogun, he then challenges Haohmaru to a duel, asking the latter to join him and help him build a new country. Haohmaru replies that if he loses, he'll join Yoshitora. They fight but the result of their match is uncertain.


Yoshitora is a cock-sure and rebellious member of the Tokugawa clan. Though he presents himself as a bit of a slacker, he is actually quite aware of his surroundings and won't hesitate to take the wisest choice in a conflict. Analogous to his historical inspiration, he is also a playboy. In one of his winning poses, he is followed by a crowd of young ladies.


  • Quick Draw: Yoshitora can draw and sheath multiple swords at a near instantaneous rate.
  • Multiple Attacks: Yoshitora can deliver several slashes at once.
  • Energy Slash: Yoshitora can infuse his swords with energy. The images they project depend on the sword he chose to use.

Fighting Style

He has seven swords; six are named after women except for the one named after himself. Each sword has its own unique ability, which he can use to confuse and corner his opponents.


  • Shogun - Samurai Shodown V

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