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Kurokouchi Yumeji
Yumeji in Samurai Shodown VI.
Full nameYumeji Kurokouchi
BirthdateJune 22, 1768
BirthplaceEdo (Old Tokyo), Japan
Height173cm (5'8")
Weight41kg (90 lbs)
Blood typeAB
Family/RelativesSakon Kurokouchi (father, deceased), Yukiji Kurokouchi (mother)
Job/OccupationServant of Gaoh
Likes'When I can put down my sword and enjoy a hot cup of tea.'
DislikesSweet dumplings
Favorite foodSoutheast Asian Sweets
Special skill'I can sleep standing up.'
Most unpleasant'...Its something I cannot divulge.'
Weapon'A nameless weapon of my own making'
Fighting styleShinmusō Ittō-ryū (神夢想一刀流,)

Yumeji Kurokouchi (黒河内 夢路, Kurokouchi Yumeji) is the sub boss in Samurai Shodown V. Yumeji is unique to the roster in that they have no definite gender; the developers to the game, Yuki Enterprise, entreated players to "believe whatever you believe Yumeji to be". To add to the confusion, Yumeji speaks in gender neutral Japanese in both their official story and in-game text and Yumeji's seiyū has a history of voicing for both genders. Due to the openness of the statement, players still argue over their gender to this day. The art director for the game, Dorio Takaya, affectionately nicknamed Yumeji as "Souji" -a reference to the Shinsengumi captain, Okita Sōji.

Yumeji is voiced by Mitsuki Saiga.


Yumeji is the sole successor of Sakon Kurokouchi, a sensei of iaijutsu and the previous mentor of Ukyo Tachibana. However, for a dubious reason concerning issues with their body, Yumeji was expelled from their father's dojo and living facility. Yumeji follows Gaoh and swears to serve him as his "right arm". In the end, Yumeji is defeated by Ukyo, and, to save their family name from disgrace, begs him to take their life. Ukyo, however, only cuts off their ponytail and orders Yumeji to go home. Instead, Yumeji becomes a nun. One year after Gaoh's defeat, they trick and behead Rasetsumaru. Yumeji's father and the rest of his disciples were later slain by Zankuro Minazuki.


Yumeji is a very serious person. They have issues with their body that are probably related to their gender.


  • Quick Draw - Yumeji can draw and sheath their sword at a quicker rate than others.
  • Morph - Yumeji can transform their body into an almost perfect copy of other people's bodies. They can even copy the fighting style of the copied person.
  • Energy Projectile - Yumeji can fire a projectile of energy from their sword.

Fighting StyleEdit

As Yumeji shares the same fighting style as Ukyo, Yumeji borrows several poses and animations from him. The main deviation between them, however, is Yumeji's ability to briefly morph into aspirations of other characters to preform their signature moves (Haohmaru with Kogetsuzan, Hanzo with Mozu Otoshi, Genjuro with his whole Sanren Satsu series, Nakoruru with Ainu Mutsube, etc). However in Samurai Shodown VI, this ability is removed, and Yumeji now revolves more around advanced iaijutsu and projectiles and their move list is based on Ukyo's Bust move list from Samurai Shodown IV


  • Yumeji Enters - Samurai Shodown V
  • Yomigahara - Samurai Shodown V

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