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Yuuki Matsuda

Yuuki Matsuda (松田 佑貴 Matsuda Yuuki) is a seiyuu. His real name is Takehiro Matsuda (松田 健浩 Matsuda Takehiro). He was born March 3 (Year Unknown) in Tokyo, Japan. In October 20, 1997 he changed his legal name to Nezumi Miki (美木 ねずみ Miki Nezumi). He later changed his legal name to just Nezumi in April 1, 1999. He is affiliated with 81 Produce.

He was hired for several minor roles in many of SNK's drama CDs before he landed his role as K'. He personally has trouble relating to K', saying that he is usually under a lot of stress while he's recording. To help his deliveries, he thinks of the KOF series ending and emulates a great "last performance".

SNK RolesEdit

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