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The King of Fighters XIVEdit

During BattleEdit

  • "Yoroshiku ne!" - "Nice to meet ya'!"
  • "Tekagen shimasen yo!" - "I won't hold back!"
  • "Jump!"
  • "Are?" - "Eh?"
  • "Itadaki!" - "You're mine!"
  • "Ikki ni kimemasu!" - "Let's finish this in one shot!"
  • "Katta katta!" - "I won, I won!"
  • "Zarina no kachi desu ne!" - "This is Zarina's victory!"

Pre-Battle DialoguesEdit

Benimaru Nikaido

Benimaru: "My my, now this is proper beauty. Wow! The wonderful Miss Zarina!"
Zarina: "Hm? Aren't you a model?"
Benimaru: "A little on the side, yeah. You wanna try modeling with me next time?"
Zarina: "You look like a pasta. Hehe."
Benimaru: "A p-pasta?"
Zarina: "Yep, exactly like a type of pasta, haha."

Kula Diamond

Zarina: "Aww, what a cute kid! But aren't you a little young to be competing?"
Kula: "How come? You know I'm really strong?"
Zarina: "Ahaha, you're at the age where you want to bite off more than you can chew. It's so cute!"
Kula: "Grr! You just treated me like a kid, didn't you? Even though I'm not one! I'm going to beat some sense into you!"
Zarina: "Don't be too hard on me, OK?"


Nakoruru: "Ah, that's a beautiful bird."
Zarina: "Pleased to meet you. This is Coco the toucan. Coco loves papaya."
Nakoruru: "The pleasure is all mine. My bird, Mamahaha, seems to love rats and frogs."
Zarina: "Oh, so it's a raptor then."
Nakoruru: "Since coming to this world, he eats lots of these rats that you call "hamsters.""
Zarina: "Oh... Ah, yes."
Nakoruru: "Oh, and he also often eats sparrows."
Zarina: "Fly away, Coco!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Huh, it's already over? Time flies when you're having fun."
  • "Ah, no, Coco! Don't say 'that was too easy!'"
  • "Heheheh... I win even when I'm not at my best."
  • "I am sorry. I cannot afford to lose."
  • "That was a good bout. I'll keep this up for the next one!"
  • "I have nothing against you. It was for Coco and his friends, please forgive me!"
  • "I get lots of energy when this little one is watching me!"
  • "I'll do my best next time, too! Yeeaaah!"
  • "You're strong! That was really exciting!"
  • "Whew... What a relief..."
  • "Let's fight again! Promise!"
  • "I'm serious about this!"
  • "Whooaaaa! That was dangerous!"
  • "Yay, Coco, that was a big win!"
  • "Hehe. Fighting you was fun."
  • "I'll try harder, Coco!"
  • "Whoa, I think that was too much... Are you OK?"
  • "That are such amazing people in the world!"
  • "Hehe, don't think he's cute?"
  • "This brings me one step closer to my dreams!"
  • "Yeeeaaahh! On to the next one! Next!"
  • "Maybe we were ill-matched. Please don't be so sad."
  • "For Coco and his friends, I can't lose!"
  • "Uh-oh... You looked stronger than that..."
  • "If you make those moves your own, you'll get really strong!" (vs. Alice)
  • "So that's "Koppou." I learned something new, Coco!" (vs. Andy)
  • "I beat the champion old man. Did I get through to everyone, this time?" (vs. Antonov)
  • "A Brazilian ninja... That's an endangered species! I must protect! (vs. Bandeiras)
  • "If you're a model, you shouldn't put yourself in a position to get hurt." (vs. Benimaru)
  • "That stick would be a good hitching post. Ah, but it burns, so that's not good..." (vs. Billy)
  • "If I could jump like you, I could play with Coco more..." (vs. Choi)
  • "If you mean data on Toucans, I have lots of that, too!" (vs. Clark)
  • "Soldiers use weapons that destroy the environment. That's why I don't like them!" (vs. Heidern)
  • "That thing you have looks really good. Can you give some to Coco?" (vs. Kensou)
  • "I can't come to your bar with Coco... can I...? (vs. King)
  • "The dinosaurs and the birds are related. I'm sure you and Coco would get along well." (vs. King of Dinosaurs)
  • "My hair is dry from all that dust... What if it's damaged?" (vs. Kukri)
  • "You're so pretty and shiny! How do you do that? Can I do it, too?" (vs. Kula)
  • "Such a beautiful person. Can I become that kind of woman?" (vs. Luong)
  • "I feel like you and Mamahaha are "comrades", Nakoruru!" (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "I always feel so positive when I'm with you. I'm happy we're friends!" (vs. Nelson)
  • The assassination thing is a lie, and you're just a magician, right? Show me some magic tricks next time!" (vs. Oswald)
  • "You could help Coco and his friends, couldn't you? Right? I said, right?! Wake up!" (vs. Robert)
  • "Coco isn't afraid... Looks like you're a good person." (vs. Shun'ei)
  • "Coco is really scared... Just what was that person...?" (vs. Verse)
  • "Can I ask you to ask Orochi to help me achieve my dream?" (vs. Vice)

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